Benefit from data insights wherever and whenever

Jedox Mobile provides unbridled access to your BI and PM data, allowing controllers, field staff, or CFOs unlimited access to their customized reports and analyses at all times on their mobile devices. Users have access to all functions provided by Jedox’s unified solution, such as the ability to compile reports or enter and edit target values for the planning process. Through the Jedox Mobile app, smartphones and tablets are transformed into full-featured working instruments for your important business processes, optimizing time management and fully exploiting important resources.

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Full performance while on the move

It is especially evident in business sectors that depend on a high degree of service and field work where Jedox Mobile helps to streamline day-to-day business tasks. For example, allowing field staff on the road to take into account custom order sizes or promotional prices while carrying out their forecasting, allowing them to submit orders instantly and react to changing market conditions. This is because on-site field staff are generally much better informed about the competition at their location than the main office. With Jedox Mobile logistics processes can be made much more efficient, and the organization benefits from cost savings and may gain an edge over the competition.

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Jedox Mobile

New Features

Unified Mobile Experience

Jedox Mobile Ad hoc and Jedox Touch are now Jedox Mobile. We’ve unified all mobile functionality into a seamless mobile app with rich functionality, faster speed, and enhanced security. You gain a consistent experience from using Jedox on a desktop PC to using Jedox cloud on any device.

Touch-optimized interface

We have redesigned and enhanced the mobile app with more mobile navigation including drag-and-drop, pinch-and-zoom, wipe and swivel. You can instantly view results, visualizations and adjust your view at any time.

Mobile BI: Seamless Web and cloud connectivity

We’ve optimized connectivity from mobile to your Jedox server, on-premise and on the cloud. You can still go from Excel to anywhere with one-click publishing from your laptop to any mobile device for your planning, reports and dashboards, now with an even faster user experience. Using optimized and secure direct connectivity from your mobile to server, Jedox 6 gives you higher performance even when your network access is limited.

Design ad hoc reports anywhere

Jedox 6 lets you design and share ad hoc dashboards quickly. You can open and share existing reports, and generate custom queries quickly for greater insight. The new ad hoc dashboards transform your smartphone or tablet into a productive BI and CPM tool.

Plan anywhere

With Jedox Mobile’s write-back capabilities, you can access full-fledged forecasting and budgeting from anywhere. You have all rich Jedox planning functionality at your fingertips, including Top-Down and Bottom-Up methodologies and commentary. As you enter data this calculates any business rules and consolidates in real-time.

Offline mobile information

With Jedox 6 Mobile along with dashboards and report favorites and local customization, you can distribute PDFs and any other offline documents in your repository. This means users can store content individually and access their report favorites in seconds. From a corporate governance perspective, you can control whether users may store offline content, and all local data is stored with highly secure encryption technology to ensure that your data is always safe, on any device.

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Jedox Mobile

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